Now also with scent, choose between perfume-free, Rose or Esprit (masculine) scent.

Rosehip oil with rosehip from the Andes Mountains is an excellent, all-natural skin care product. The amber oil provides fast results thanks to a very high content of vitamins and Retin A, which has a remarkable regenerating effect on cellular tissue, as well as high levels of vitamin C, carotene and unsaturated fatty acids.

Studies show that rosehip oil is an effective skin regeneration product. For example, it can reduce many types of scars – especially scars after burns or post-traumatic scars.

Hybrid core oil can reduce furrows, wrinkles and scars – it regenerates the tissue, moisturizes and gives the skin a unique smoothness and resilience.

Danica Skincare recommends

We recommend using our Organic Hybrid Nuclear Oil preventative for all skin types to maintain the skin’s natural texture and freshness. If you tend to have very dry and wrinkled skin, age spots / premature aging of the skin (eg by excessive sunbathing) it can be used both as an intensive cure and as part of the daily routine.

Due to the healing properties, the oil can be used as a natural After Sun Lotion.

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